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The good things in life aren’t complicated. And neither is Kombrewcha.

We set out to create a beverage for those seeking balance in life. Between alcohol and organic ingredients. Between taste and a healthy lifestyle. Between a refreshing drink and a revitalizing get-together.

Organic Ingredients.
Refreshing Carbonation.
Delicious Flavors. 4.4% ABV.

Our Flavors

Berry Hibiscus

Simple yet complex. Sweet but also tart. The berry and hibiscus play off each other for a dry finish with a nuanced flavor.

Purified Water, Cane Sugar*, Kombucha Culture*, Black Tea Infusion*, Blackberry Juice*, Hibiscus Infusion*, Raspberry Juice*, Fair Trade Black Tea*, Yeast* *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

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Ginger Lemon

Every sip is complete with that sweet yet warm bite that can only come from real, organic ginger.

Purified Water, Cane Syrup*, Kombucha Culture*, cane Sugar*, Ginger Juice*, Black Tea Infusion*, Lemon Juice Concentrate*, Fair Trade Black Tea* *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

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New Flavor!

Mango Pineapple

The sweetness of mango and pineapple create the foundation with subtle sour notes to follow which leads to a refreshing, crisp finish.

Purified Water, Cane Syrup*, Kombucha Culture*, Cane Sugar*, Mango Puree*, Pineapple Juice Concentrate*, Black Tea Infusion*, Fair Trade Black Tea*, *Certified Organic

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New Flavor!

Blood Orange

Juicy blood orange at the start, followed by a mild lemon-like sourness. Hints of bright acidity, cider, and sweet tea remain throughout.
*exclusively sold in Variety 4-Pack

Purified Water, Cane Syrup*, Kombucha Culture*, Cane Sugar*, Black Tea Infusion*, Blood Orange Juice Concentrate*, Natural Flavors*, Fair Trade Black Tea*, *Certified Organic

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We’re in New York, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, DC, Virginia, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Montana, and Texas. If we’re not in your neighborhood yet, but you’d like to see us, contact us below.

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Kombrewcha exists to help you have a social life all while being able to live your busy life to the fullest.
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